Karivaani Orchestra

Stompin´ Caravan has changed its name to Karivaani Orchestra.

'it opens now and reveals the path where I am bound to walk upon. I forsee the way; see the twists and crazy turns that may adrift my weary mind from blindly holding on.'
(lyrics to 'Cocek Optimistic')

Stompin' Caravan is a collective of musicians who share a great love for jazz and world music. By mending grooves and uplifting melodies based on traditions of both genres, their compositions create a summerly scenery.

In 2016 Stompin' Caravan released a first album, named "The Garden". This cd is an ode to finding wonder in everyday things; on the roads you take daily, in your own backyard.

Stompin' Caravan will soon release the first single of their next album. (Februari/March 2019)